ASU Digital Culture Gallery

2012.04.05 / Machinima

Machinima is real-world filmmaking techniques applied within an interactive virtual space where characters and events can be either controlled by humans, scripts or artificial intelligence - It is the convergence of filmmaking, animation and game development. By combining the techniques of filmmaking, animation production and the technology of real-time 3D game engines, Machinima makes for a very cost- and time-efficient way to produce films, with a large amount of creative control. [ ]

Red Riding Hood, SkyrimAaron Campos Garcia, Christian Hinz, Vanessa Pablo, Andrea Watkins

Mario DreamsAshley Bennett, Mohammad-Reza Etemad, Ryan Gonzales, Monique White

Creativity's RoleEdward Bauer, Allison Fuentes, Olivia Schaan, Nathaniel Soqui

MachinimaTin Phan

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