ASU Digital Culture Gallery

Digital Culture Retrospective

May - August, 2013

Exhibition Hours:
Monday Through friday, 11:30am - 2pm

The Digital Culture gallery is located in the B-Wing of Stauffer Hall, Room #B102, on the ASU Tempe campus.

DarkWhiteTyler Eglen

Designed in Quartz Composer and leveraging Kinect’s depth-sensing capabilities, DarkWhite casts what appears to be the anti-shadow. The space is suitable for multi-users and users with props and objects.


StreamPhillip Carrier

Stream is a site specific kinetic light installation comprised of an LED spotlight, motor, and test tube. Working with light and simple materials, my work explores perception by taking control of the moment while allowing for wonder, excitement and play in the method.


You Are In My Thoughts And PrayersMatthew Mosher

A multichannel audio installation, built with breath and Max/MSP. This piece creates a set of phasing rounds of my breath that evolve through space and time.


“how do I". . .Joseph Brodsky, Elizabeth Vegh, Zane Kellar, Ryan Jackson, David Strauss, Danielle Thomson, Jace Krumwiede, Alex Weiss and Pat Oliver

An exercise in constrained composition. Students could only use words and phrases drawn from Google autocomplete results starting with the search term "how do I". . .


Programming for Media ArtsAriana Alexander, Graeme Drucker, Brett Dooly and Robert Labarbera

Programming for Media Arts is a course about learning how to program in the Processing environment, creating graphics, animations and interactive projects.


Blown AwayCourtney Brown

Visitors are encouraged to blow into the projected circles to create sound and affect visuals.


Voronoi HallwayMatthew Briggs and Muharrem Yildirim

A blend of static and dynamic patterns; creating the illusion of life through the diffusion of a television screen.


Interactive Shape WallChris Harrison, Simon Hood, Jake Burggraff, Andrew Jarson and Wes Wiggins

A multi-user, interactive installation designed to initiate physically authentic movement within a projected space.


Embodied GameBrayden Schmidt, Elisabeth Cardy, Markus Rennemann and Jason Ryan

A platformer game built with Processing. This game can also be played within the Motion Capture space.


Gear SpinAntwan Baer and Ruokun Chen

Live camera input is digitally reinterpreted as a rotating, multicolored image inside of a counter-rotating gear.

The Digital Culture Gallery is located in the B-Wing of Stauffer Hall, Room #B102, on the ASU Tempe campus.

Gallery days/hours - Monday through Thursday 12pm - 2pm.