ASU Digital Culture Gallery

Sea of Signs

Dr. Lisa Tolentino, Media, Arts and Sciences

This piece was made by scanning a cast of an Australopithecus Afarensis skull composite reconstruction by William Kimbel from ASU's Institute of Human Origins fossil cast collection using a NextEngine 3d scanner. The scanned skull and mandible was then brought into Zbrush where a mesh model was sculpted over the skull using chimpanzee and human anatomy as reference for the muscle attachments and features. Chimpanzee images were also referred to for the wrinkle pattern and texture of the skin. The resulting 3d model was then printed by a Zcorp 3D printer.

A big thank you to the Institute of Human Origins and specifically Professors Julie Russ, Sarah Marsteller, Kaye Reed, Lindsay Mullen, and Ellis Locke for access to the Afarensis fossil casts. I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Professor Daniel Collins for his help in coordinating this with the IHO, and his continual guidance in using the 3D scanning and printing equipment.

Download project details and documentation.

Brenden Bannon is an undergraduate art student in the Digital Culture program at ASU. He graduated from Phoenix College with two AAS degrees in animation and website design. His focus is to educate as well as entertain through the use of 2D and 3D media through television, film, and video games.
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