ASU Digital Culture Gallery

2012.12.07 / Surface Impressions

Surface Impressions

Opening Event Friday, December 7th, 2012

Exhibition hours throughout the month of January 2013
Monday through Friday, 12pm - 2pm

The Digital Culture gallery is located in the B-Wing of Stauffer Hall, Room #B102, on the ASU Tempe campus.


RSBMYHMatthew Briggs

Through visual and sonic communication this clock makes an effort to communicate time to a wide variety of people.


Musical HeartJorge Montes and Joanne Younan

This heart only beats properly if you sing to it. It is moved by music my partner I perform.

flocking lips

Flocking LipsMuharrem Yildirim

Abstractions of viewer's faces are captured on the wall of the DC gallery. Viewers watch as their lips fly away to join a flock of playfully roaming lips.


LightsIan Dziuk, Trisha Gonzales, Austin Larsen, James Schwarz and Gabe Skorski

4,800 lights spread out against sixteen panels that respond to movement, the average color the camera sees, and how close the nearest object is.

Rotary Tumble

Rotary TumbleMuharrem Yildirim and David Tinapple

An animation projected onto a freely spinning disc that viewers can spin by hand.

TV Genie

TV GenieBrandon Sampayan, Chris Epperson, Andrew Daniel and Brittany Jeska

Viewers use a WiiMote to release a TV Genie...

The Digital Culture Gallery is located in the B-Wing of Stauffer Hall, Room #B102, on the ASU Tempe campus.

Gallery days/hours - Monday through Thursday 12pm - 2pm.