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2011.12.07 / Final Projects

Final projects from the Fall 2011 Semester of Interactive Environments. Works showcased here were also exhibited (in the DC show, and group critiques). Students were encourages to examine how their users interpreted or interacted with their systems in ways that were unexpectedly good or bad. Based on user feedback, students then discussed ways to modify the work.

RC Helicopter Flown by Hand GesturesMatthew Dryer

Projection MappingDakota Gidley

Using MAXmsp I created a patch that projects nine videos from one projector on to three different sides of three different boxes. A drum pad is implemented so that the user can change what videos that are being projected on the boxes. Three channels provide three different sets of videos.

Music in Motion - Kinect Sensor MagicRyan Hiemstra

Originally we were primarily focused on the audio aspects of the project. As we continued experimenting with synapse and researching its capabilities, a visual element became a must have. Our final piece now consists of not just a single note, but total control over any audio file of our choice. On top of that, the entire visuals have been completely overhauled, giving a 3 dimensional, mesh like look as well as the good stuff, a fire and water type lenticular halo effect continually following each of the user's hands. Overall the project has come a long way from the brainstorming stages and we are very proud of the final product we have created.

Interactive BookDarien Camie

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