ASU Digital Culture Gallery

Sarcastic Studios: Aditya Dhumuntarao, Emilio Neriz-Robles, Anthony Nish, Brayden Schmidt

When our group was trying to create a concept for our project, we had very different ideas. Although, there was one theme that stayed prevalent: collaboration. We wanted to see how random people could come together in the making of one project, similar to what we were doing here. We had just learned about crowdsourcing, so, essentially, this became a project that looks at how effective teamwork can be while using random strangers as your motivation. The storyboard, or comic strip, did not come from one man or woman's mind, but the imagination of multiple people that were all connected through this piece of art. All we did was put the pieces together. Then, when we thought about putting pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, the stop motion technique was our first choice.

Knights of the Grey Table: Alexander Babich, Corey Dillier, Mitchell Keaney, Nathaniel Mares, Dario Soto, Odin Unger

Team Brontosaurus: Kate Allen, Darienne Brown, Christopher Epperson, Noa Gilboa, Eleanor Hanafin, Brendan Ronan

The Digital Culture Gallery is located in the B-Wing of Stauffer Hall, Room #B102, on the ASU Tempe campus.

Gallery days/hours - Monday through Thursday 12pm - 2pm.