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2012.11.16 / Safety Systems

Students worked together to create interactive systems focused upon the maintenance of a safe environment for the user. During ideation and initial design, students were asked to consider (a) the possible constraints in the system, (b) outline who the system is designed for and why, and (c) to illustrate how they chose to explore the design space (through sketches, prototypes, refinement, etc.)

Dynamic Bicycle LightsJohn Carpenter, Kevin Klawinski and Matt Briggs

Medi-TimeKhanh Lam, Ryan Hiemstra, Nick Hobbs

An automated medical delivery system. Fits conveniently and comfortably on the users wrist and automatically disperses medicine to the user. The device also keeps track of the prescriptions, refill dates and reminders, as well as their medical history for easy or emergency access. The device much be small and light weight as to not be intrusive on the user. The aesthetic design must also not draw attention to unintentionally advertise the device to the public, both for privacy and security purposes. It must also be very durable and resist tampering and damage.

The Medi-Time is geared more towards the elderly or disabled. People with arthritis would no long have issues with difficult prescription bottles, or anyone that would be a risk for overdosing or under-dosing.

Multiple prototypes were initially made at the very beginning, as to try everything at once and visualize the concept as we were still developing it. The final prototype from the first initial session in class was covered in doodles and even moving attachments, few of which made it into the final concept. Out last prototype became much more simplistic in design and we added a sliding screen to show the

Super Safety BeltBeau Guinta, Sarah Yoshisato, Samantha Valtierra Bush

The Super Safety Belt is an airbag that inflates from the bottom strap of the seatbelt rather than the dashboard. When a collision occurs, the airbag, contained within the seatbelt, will shoot away from the driver and toward the car interior in order to prevent injury from airbag impact.

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