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2012.10.10 / Capstone Proposals

Capstone students created "Kickstarter" style videos pitching their project proposals. Students were instructed to consider the following criteria when drafting their proposals:
1. What problem/issue is addressed with the project?
2. Intended audience, or user group(s).
3. Why this is a relevant issue/problem? What are its social ramifications?
4. Estimated timeline, deliverables and final products.

GenesisJustin Boord-Balash, Caleb Kilian

We are not necessarily tending to a "problem/issue" but rather telling a story while bringing the relationship between natural art/ dancing and the digital world as we know it together in a performance piece designed to possibly create a new genre of how a human reacts with music and an environment controlled by the performer. We are hoping to create a space in which a dancers movements are controlling the music by rendering specific parameters within the inner structures of a composition using motion capture systems, sensors, and different software to compute the necessary programming that will go into creating such an environment.

Indo SurfingJoshua Bors

I am trying to create a more physically immersive experience where other systems have failed by introducing a level of physical feedback and challenge that other systems lack. The basis of the project is to create an immersive surfing game using an Indo Board and an Arduino Board so that you can literally control the game with the board making for a more realistic surfing experience.

Second ChanceAziza Ismail

The problem I am proposing we address is that of illiteracy among adults, particularly in under-developed countries like Afghanistan, through the use of technology to provide more effective and motivating instruction to adult Arabic/Pashto learners.

I am proposing to address this problem because literacy is necessary in order to improve the quality of life of individuals. It provides them with the skills that will allow them to generate income and become productive members of society; it will allow them the means to seek independent knowledge; it would allow them to understand their own lives and to understand their rights and rights owned to others; literacy would also allow them to have a better understanding of health, nutrition and other important knowledge; it will empower them to make individual decisions based on reason; and there are many more reasons for why literacy education is important.

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